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Managing your tax dollars is a collaborative process. For some, it is substantially more than merely taking numbers you provide and entering them in some software. If you own a business or real estate, have borrowed money for use in a business or investment, saving for to buy a home or saving for any reason, your matters are probably more complex. If so you are well advised to be more involved and proactive with respect to your money matters. Taxes are a money matter.

What to do now?
1. Meet with your accountant
2. Make a working copy of your prior year tax return and bring it to the meeting
3. Obtain relevant current year financial information and bring it as well to the meeting

Recommended agenda

1. From a review of last year’s tax return, discuss your substantiation requirements
2. Determine whether you have any significant exposure to penalties
3. Estimate your current year tax liability
4. Learn about the substantiation needed for this year’s tax return
5. Determine whether your estimated tax payments are adequate
6. Discuss planned transactions for the balance of this year and next year
7. Determine, review and track your net worth

At the end of the meeting you should have a better understanding of your financial condition, how much you are projected to pay in taxes, what actions you should take now, and most importantly a better awareness of your business, financial and tax matters.