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San Diego CPA helping clients with tax preparation, tax planning, tax return and tax problems...in a changing and complex world

At Gary M. Zweig, an Accountancy Corporation, I offer a comprehensive menu of services that includes tax planning, tax preparation, and tax resolution for both business and individuals. In providing such critical services, my ultimate goal is to preserve and increase business or individual wealth by creating a sound accounting strategy delivered efficiently and economically.

I began my practice in 1979 based on the core principle of helping people with their tax planning and tax preparation responsibilities. As the tax law has evolved and become significantly more complex, I spend much of my time working to educate people about how such changes affect their businesses, real estate investments and their personal tax issues. My primary interest is to develop and maintain close client relationships by treating clients as family, listening to their concerns and guiding them through their important tax decisions. I work with business owners and their families as they contend with the tax elements of their business operations, real estate owners, and individuals interested in growing their personal net worth.

I encourage you to call me to discuss your tax concerns in confidence at (858) 646-0681. I am conveniently located in San Diego at 5080 Shoreham Place, Suite 201, San Diego, California 92122.

Tax Accountant For Business in San Diego

My San Diego CPA firm is a dynamic accounting firm able to support your income tax preparation and planning and audit representation needs. I offer business consulting, entity formation, evaluation and entity tax compliance among other related services intended to create, maintain and support your continued growth and business success. As your trusted advisor, I am available to provide functional business advice to help you navigate through the start of your unique family-owned business and choice of business entity decisions, to operational issues aimed at achieving your long-term business goals. Services to businesses include consulting on general operational issues, capitalization issues, debt repayment planning, bookkeeping help, quarterly estimated tax payments at both the entity and related individual level, compliance advice with respect to the new tangible property regulations and owner compensation planning as well as tax preparation services.

San Diego Accountant For Individual Accounting and Tax Services

The focus of my practice is on the individual. My clients typically want someone to pay attention to them so that they avoid unexpected adverse tax results. The tax characterization of many transactions is based on an understanding of the transactional facts. This can be a time consuming process which can be made more efficient through timely and appropriately frequent communication. I have found that when the accountant and client work together the target outcome is more readily achieved. From my perspective it is also beneficial to remember that a tax return is a contestable document. Knowing what is expected in the event of an inquiry from either the IRS or FTB and preparing for a challenge contemporaneously with the execution of the transaction, may be helpful in sustaining a reportable position on your tax return and mitigating the imposition of certain penalties.

San Diego Real Estate Tax Services

I work with long term investors in real estate. Areas of focus may start with bookkeeping practices and then expand into such issues as whether a particular expenditure is a repair or whether capitalization is required, entity structure alternatives, debt structure including concerns about basis and at-risk loss limitation provisions, passive loss rules and the requirements to be a qualified real estate professional, the grouping rules and the probable tax effect of property disposition alternatives. In my office, I emphasize client communication and transactional planning to achieve client expectations and results.

Tax Resolution by a Tax Accountant in San Diego

For every tax problem there is a tax solution. As a Certified Public Accountant, I have the distinct ability to provide tax help for many types of IRS problems. As your representative before the IRS and California Franchise Tax Board, I will represent you in respect of your tax debt or tax issue with the following tax resolution: offer in compromise, installment agreement or payment plan, and tax preparation of your unfiled tax returns.

Exceptional Client Service

I believe that tax planning and tax return preparation are not commodities that can be easily purchased at the lowest price. Certainly value in relation to the cost is a critical consideration for the prospective client as it should be. Equally important is knowing that the tax law is complex and the application of law to one’s transactions often requires fact gathering and analysis followed by the interpretation of complex law to arrive at a reporting position based on substantial authority or for which there is a reasonable basis.  

From my perspective, the key to success is the quality of communication I have with my clients. I cannot stress enough the importance of a productive, proactive relationship between a client and their accountant. I have been fortunate to work with many clients that understand the importance of this relationship. Each client knows what they can expect from me in terms of project or task, timelines, my responsiveness to questions, and cost estimates for tax and accounting solutions. I encourage you to call me in confidence for your tax questions at (858) 646-0681. I am conveniently located in San Diego at 5080 Shoreham Place, Suite 201, San Diego, California 92122.

Gary M. Zweig is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants      Gary Zweig is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. With membership, CPAs are guided and directed by the Code of Professional Conduct which ensures competence, integrity and objectivity. Members are required to attend continuing education programs. Gary is also a member of the California Society of Certified Public Accountants (CalCPA).

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